Babolat Movea Men Padel Shoes

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Going after a ball outside the court or defending with a tricky angle? Then the Movea is the padel shoe you need. This style has lots of reinforcements for extra durability. The integrated dual side straps give you unparalleled stability and the mesh at the forefoot keeps you comfortable. You'll be ready to try out some new shots in no time


You want to feel secure as you defend and attack during the long rallies padel is known for. So, we've given the Movea shoe Power Straps that provide the extra support you need to feel safe and secure in any position. 


At Babolat, we think a lot about how best to optimise padel players' movements, and the KPRS-X system has been designed to protect your heel from sudden impact throughout matches. The EVA foam insert has been sized and positioned to keep you protected whenever your heel strikes the ground.


The experts at Babolat and Michelin have worked together to develop the first sole just for padel. The design is highly flexible thanks to two grooves in the forefoot and has a new dynamic grip tread perfect for sand and artificial turf. The sole is also thicker in the areas that wear the most to make it last longer.


2 strong straps specially designed to better support the midfoot and perfectly suited to the lateral footwork that tennis requires.


A technical knitted forefoot designed to feel like a slipper whilst at the same time guaranteeing support and durability.


The properties of the foam composition mean that the OrthoLite® die cut insole provides exceptional comfort, breathability and durability.


2 lateral reinforcements to reinforce stability during movements and direction changes


Highly cushioning EVA insert positioned beneath the heel for optimal shock protection.


The Michelin rubber composition has proven its worth over the past 15 years and beyond, It offers a great combination of grip and durability to meet the extreme demands of Padel footwork.

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