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Our Top 3 best rackets below $200 in 2022!

Our Top 3 best rackets below $200 in 2022!

Looking for a very good padel racket but don't want to spend too much money on it? Let's have a look at our Top 3 options!

At, we use all the experience and knowledge of our experts to always choose the best models from the best brands. So when we pick our Top 3 rackets, you have the assurance that it will only be the cream of the crop!

Head Alpha Touch

Perfect for intermediate and advanced players who want a versatile model, Head  Alpha Touch Graphene+ 360 has a lot to offer. Thanks to its teardrop shape, it is a very good option if you seek a good mix between power and control.

The carbon structure, reinforced with graphene, provides extra durability in addition to compact shots, while the Power Foam allows you to benefit from excellent comfort and vibration absorption.

In the end, it's perfect for all-around players who seek a pala with excellent value for money!

Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Edition

Who thought you could get a best-seller for only 200$? Nox ML10 Pro Cup Rough Edition is almost the same pala that was created for Miguel Lamperti more than ten years ago, with a dark color! The evolution this year is the new Smartstrap which allows you to change the strap when needed.

Thanks to its round shape, this racket has excellent maneuverability and it is perfect for those who seek control. The medium-soft HR3 foam will bring you extra versatility, while fiberglass faces bring extra comfort.

In the end, this racket is an amazing option for intermediate and advanced players who seek versatility with added control and comfort!

Dunlop Aero Star

You are an offensive player who seeks value for money above all? Then Dunlop Aero Star is probably made for you. Thanks to its diamond shape, this pala is clearly made for those who like to attack. The Eva Pro foam and the Japanese 12k carbon will result in strong and powerful strikes.

Thanks to its quite reduced weight (365g), this racket is not as demanding as some models made for professionals. That is why it is perfect for advanced players who want to get the best from their smashes and volleys. In the end, the new Aero Star is a very good option for those who prefer attacking to defending but still want control... at a bargain price!

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