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The brand new Nox padel rackets have arrived at !

The brand new Nox padel rackets have arrived at !

The brand new Nox padel rackets have arrived at !

As we promised you a few days ago, we have just received top-end rackets, such as the new Nox collection. Let's have a quick scan of what have in stock.

First of all, you must know the six models we will deal with all share the same foam : the iconic HR3. It's a medium-soft touch high-recovery professional EVA foam that will allow you to benefit from amazing sensations on every shot.

Let's also specify that Luxury models are the top of the range. As a result, they feature the very latest innovations and technologies such as brand new molds, high quality carbon faces, anti-vibrations AVS system, Smartstrap...

AT Luxury Genius 18K

This is the new version of the racket used by superstar Agustín Tapia. Thanks to its reverse teardrop shape, it's very versatile. The 18k carbon gives it a harder touch meaning you will benefit from more precision and power.

AT Luxury Genius Attack 18K

The AT Genius Attack 18k is also a signature model of Agustin Tapia. Since the Argentinian player also wanted a more offensive weapon, Nox created this diamond shaped “pala” which is considered the most powerful of 2022 collection. It is made for true offensive players !

ML10 Pro Cup

Probably the most iconic racket ever built by Nox, the ML10 Pro Cup has been created for famous player Miguel Lamperti. Thanks to its round shape and its aluminized fiberglass faces, it is a very maneuverable and comfortable option, recommended for players who need more control than power.

ML10 Pro Cup Black Edition

Since some fans of the original ML10 Pro Cup asked for a black version, well Nox created just that : exactly the same than the white one, but with a more aggressive dark color !

ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface

As you'll understand, Nox is known for giving fans exactly what they want. This time, principally those whose game is heavily based on effects, asked for a rough version of the ML 10 Pro Cup. And Nox delivered with this ML10 Pro Cup Rough Surface, which is exactly the same than the white or the black one, but with a silica sand finish.

ML10 Pro Cup Luxury

This is the upgraded version of ML10 Pro Cup. It features luxury technologies, such as a brand new mould, the new Smartstrap that allows you to clean the strap of the racket, and anti-vibrations AVS system. A little bit more oriented towards offense, it's like a high-end buff version of lifelong ML10 Pro Cup.

ML10 Luxury Shotgun

ML10 Luxury Shotgun is the most offensive racket made for Miguel Lamperti. Thanks to its diamond shape and carbon 12k, it will be highly effective in smashes and volleys situations. Since the luxury mold offers a large sweet-spot this “pala” is considered an easy to play powerful racket. Perfect for offensive players who don't want to give up on comfort.

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