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What padel racket to buy in 2023 when you suffer from tennis elbow?

What padel racket to buy in 2023 when you suffer from tennis elbow?

As a racket sports enthusiast, you are likely aware that tennis elbow is a common injury. Did you know you can avoid it most of the time by selecting a racket that adapts well to your technique and physique?

Don't play through pain

When you suffer from tendonitis, you need to see a doctor and find a way to get rid of it. Rest is usually recommended, meaning that you could be a lot of time without being able to play, meaning you will get away from your passion and stop progressing...Today we'll focus on finding the ideal racket for those who are prone to joint issues or just want to prevent injuries.

Assess your level and athleticism

Not everyone is an advanced or professional player with a strong physique and exceptional technique.Indeed, high-level players can virtually choose the racket they want and will not experience elbow pain. On the contrary, beginners and less athletic players must take care of their joints if they want to play padel frequently over the long term, especially those who have previously experienced tennis elbow. Therefore, it's essential to look for rackets that are joint-friendly.

What to look for in a racket when you want to avoid tennis elbow

Joint-friendly rackets have three primary characteristics. Firstly, they should be balanced towards the grip to prevent excessive tension on the forearm. Secondly, they should have a soft foam that absorbs vibrations, a large sweet spot, and provide comfort. Thirdly, they should be lightweight (365g or less) to prevent exerting too much effort when holding the racket. Some brands offer specialized antivibration systems that also reduce the number of vibrations entering your elbow. Also don't forget that the softer the faces are, the more vibrations they can absorb.

3 perfects models for those who want to protect their joints

Here are three examples that are perfectly suitable for players suffering from "padel elbow".
The new Bullpadel Vertex 03 CTR is a high-end racket made for high-level players who seek control before all. Thanks to its dual-density foam, Vibradrive system, and low balance, it is a good option for advanced and professional players who want to protect their joints.
Thanks to its soft foam and round shape, Osaka Vision Pro Control Snap is a comfortable and maneuverable pala that can be used by all-level players who seek a flexible and forgiving racket.
The new version of the mythical Nox ML10 Pro Cup is often of the best options for joint protection thanks to its round shape, low balance, and fiberglass faces.
In the end, plenty of rackets can be suitable for those who want to prevent tennis elbow. Find all the new models at!

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