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Why you should absolutely use padel shoes when you play padel!

Why you should absolutely use padel shoes when you play padel!

If you've just started playing padel, you might think that you can get by with running or tennis shoes. Technically, you can, but you really shouldn't! Let us explain why.

Padel shoes are designed specifically for...padel!

You wouldn't consider playing ice hockey without ice hockey skates, would you? When engaging in activities like bowling or golf, players always wear shoes specifically designed for the sport. So why not do the same for padel? Padel is a unique sport that demands specific equipment. Professional players often emphasize that the two most crucial elements of their gear are rackets and shoes. Rackets enable them to showcase their skills, but without good shoes, they wouldn't be able to do it.

It's crucial to understand that padel is a sport where movement is fundamental. Lateral, forward, and backward movements are numerous, and they largely determine whether you'll hit the ball effectively. In essence, if you're not moving well in padel, you're likely to make more unforced errors. Therefore, your feet are as important as your hand, if not more so in most cases.

To ensure you can move as quickly as possible on the court, and considering the specific turf used on padel courts, you need shoes with a particular sole that provides enough grip without sticking to the ground. The solution? Purchase shoes specifically designed for padel.

Even though tennis shoes are fine when you start playing padel, their soles are not optimal for padel court surfaces. By engaging on a padel court with some tennis shoes, you ensure you are not experiencing the best possible comfort and increase the risk of getting injured... Basically, one type of shoes is specifically made for padel: padel shoes!

High-quality shoes for high performance

If you want to be fast and completely free on the court, you need lightweight shoes that offer a good level of comfort. The best shoes provide ample support and freedom of movement, to the point where you might even forget you're wearing them.

Just like rackets, shoes contribute to your safety on the court. With their specialized grip, they enable you to move without the risk of excessive sliding that could jeopardize your knees and ankles. Additionally, effective vibration absorption ensures you don't traumatize your feet and heels, especially considering the frequent jumps in padel. Similar to basketball or volleyball, you need high-quality foam to minimize the impact on your body upon landing.

As you can imagine, top-notch brands offer various solutions based on the style of shoes you're seeking. At, you'll find a variety of options and sizes, featuring the best models from worldwide brands such as Wilson, Babolat, Head, Nox, Bullpadel, or Osaka. Be sure to check out our shoes section!

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